Deniz Garden Davet

School Ball Organization

Deniz Garden

It is a great option for boat parties, catering or non-catering events. While you can provide entertainment with cocktail parties or non-alcoholic events, you can also taste delicious food. You can organize these organizations according to the number of participants. You can also choose decorated yachts for smaller organizations. All your extra requests are evaluated at boat parties; It is enough to share your requests such as fireworks shows, animation teams, live music, fasil or dj performances with us.

Pricing of boat parties varies according to your extra requests, organization day, number of participants, menu requests and boat or yacht visuals. However, an organization suitable for your budget will be planned in line with all your wishes.

If you want to turn your graduation night into an unforgettable and fun night with your friends, boat parties are the organization for you. Standard graduation parties for college or high school students may have become boring. However, boat parties are an ideal option for the graduation ball or school party you will organize in the Bosphorus with our fleet equipped with professional sound and light systems.

Boat parties are an opportunity to relax between stressful lessons and exams while enjoying the unique Bosphorus view of Istanbul. In this organization, where you can revive the memories you shared during your school days, you can get together with your friends and spend a beautiful day that you can remember as a memory in the future.