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Engagement Event Organization

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While sharing special moments with your guests at your engagement event, our professional team will be happy to serve you. Our company provides all the services, decorations and materials required for the engagement organization, so you can only focus on making good memories.

For the engagement ceremony, you can plan an organization at home with family and close friends. They may also prefer a private venue for those with a larger guest list. Engagement at home can be more troublesome for some, while keeping needs to a minimum. However, as Deniz Garden Invitation, whichever venue you prefer, we undertake all the details, from venue decoration to guest treats, and serve with our engagement organization packages shaped according to your needs.

Our Islamic Engagement Organization Programs

You can get help from our company to offer a program that brings spirituality to the fore and awe in your Islamic engagement organizations. Our special program will start with the opening speech and continue with the invitation of the couples to the hall. While our whirling dervishes will take the stage, accompanied by the melodies of our divine artists, the most popular poems and sufi works will be performed. Within the scope of the Islamic engagement organization, our company also offers women’s samovar services in events organized only among women.

Our program includes many activities such as conversation about the meaning and importance of the day, cake and jewelry ceremony, competitions, gifts and clown and animation shows for children. Our firm will help you organize the most authentic Islamic engagement organization. Our team of professional divine and mystic groups and our whirling dervishes will put on an unforgettable performance.

You can contact our company immediately to get detailed information about engagement organization prices and all other issues. You can count on us to provide an unforgettable program for your Islamic engagement organizations.