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Association and General Assembly Meetings

Non-governmental organizations and associations that add value to our society are extremely important to us. As Deniz Garden Invitation Halls, we guarantee you to have effective and productive meetings with our professional, well-equipped team and wide menu so that they can continue their activities in the best way and add value to our social value. You may need during your meetings; We ensure a smooth event with overhead projectors, projectors, cinevision, sound and display systems, and curtain systems. If you wish, bring your own tools and equipment, or we will provide them for you through our solution partners. Let us plan the finest details of your meetings, you just focus on the event and enjoy spending this special day in the most efficient way.

I Need Presentation Materials, Can An Event Hall Provide?

Deniz Garden Invitation Halls offer you every opportunity to spend this special day in the most efficient way. By directing you to solution partners that provide services such as presentation tools and equipment, VIP car rental, photographer and hairdresser, it helps you to get more affordable and higher quality service than the market price.

What are the Features of Deniz Garden Invitation Halls?

There are two different halls in Deniz Garden Invitation Halls. Every detail has been considered for your comfort and confidence in our halls, which we call Hall 1 and Hall 2, for 750 people each. Our halls are air-conditioned, secure, wheelchair accessible, handicapped accessible and spacious.