Deniz Garden Davet

Concert Organization

Deniz Garden

As Deniz Garden Davet, we have a team that carries out concert organizations with great care and devotion. First, we determine the concert date, venue, time and advertising elements by communicating with the company that will organize the concert or the sponsor company. These factors are very important for the success of the concert.

While determining the concert date, we consult meteorology by examining the weather conditions and the situation in previous years. Then, we negotiate alternatively with the artists who will take the stage, calculate their budgets, and make our presentation to our client and sponsor company who want to organize a concert.

We create the sound, light and stage arrangement requested by the artist and provide the security measures by getting services from the police or private security companies. In addition, we keep a sufficient number of ambulances and emergency units ready during the concert.

Afterwards, we calculate the concert ticket prices and make public announcements in advertising channels. By performing all these processes with great devotion and meticulousness, we try to offer an unforgettable concert experience.